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WayMaker Academy

Welcome to WayMaker Academy!

WayMaker Academy (WMA) is a professional career development hub, the Vocational arm of WayMaker Learning (WML). It provides a platform to gain practical work experience through active engagement in real-life projects. Members are assigned to different projects based on the individuals’ abilities and capabilities as well as the WML course(s) they took.

The purpose of WayMaker Academy is to create and maintain a community of practice where skills and abilities are developed in real time whilst delegates are tasked to resolve real-life business issues. It’s an environment to apply theoretical knowledge, principles, concepts, conventions, techniques, and bodies of knowledges on WML courses to generate ideas, think critically, solve complex problems and produce solution and deliverables in line with project mandate, objectives, and scope.

Having gone through any of our career courses, you will automatically qualify to join the prestigious WayMaker Academy for project submissions, mentoring, free seminars, free webinars, CV Evaluation, job opportunities and many more exciting features.

Here at WayMaker Academy, we pride ourselves in delivering quality content, unparalleled mentoring and continuous improvement activities for our delegates as part of our Quality Management process and also to ensure that stakeholders who engage with our delegates can spot the quality of our output. Our official slogan is “become what you learn.” The vision is to ensure that everyone that has an encounter with WayMaker Learning UK becomes a better person professionally, individually and career-wise.

Please note that in order to register for WMA, you must have completed a WML Course and obtained a relevant certification or have been assessed/confirmed by WML as certified in that course. To view the rest of the WayMaker Academy content including projects, tools and more, you must log in.

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