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Great course on the basics of Scrum. Best things I learnt from it was the structure and breakdown of the entire scrum process, having it in order of implementation is and will prove to be very useful I’m sure.

Bite-sized but detailed information from the videos gives a good sense of achievement each time a video is completed.

The exam at the end of the course is a good test of the knowledge gained during it and provides a certificate that you can add to your CV and job search website profiles, LinkedIn etc.


Certified Scrum Associate

Coming to WayMaker Learning is the best (most natural) move on my career change path. My career prior has been IT, in the technical analysis, design & build, business database system. WayMaker Learning has certainly MADE A WAY, making the journey and transition most practical and very pleasant and fulfilling for me… thus giving me the confidence to now advertise myself as a Business Analyst! WoW!! This is because of the REAL LIFE PROJECT, you get to work on!

I recommend this course for all disciplines (technical or non-technical), who plan to make or follow any career in industries “of the future”…


Business Analyst