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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General enquiries

Q. What types of courses are offered by Waymaker Learning?
Q. What are the course deliverables?

Payment enquiries

Q. Do you provide any group discounts for classroom training programs?
Q. How should I make the payment and what are the modes of payment available?
Q. Do I get a receipt or confirmation for the payment made?
Q. Does the course fee include the examination fee as well?
Q. Are the certification exams papers based or online?
Q. Do I get a copy of the participation certificate by post or by email?
Q. How do I receive my certificates?
Q. Can I discontinue my training course, In case situation demands?
Q. Can I cancel my registration? Do I get a refund?
Q. Is it possible to conduct training in Client's location, not in the website?
Q. I would like Waymaker Learning to conduct training at our company’s site. Whom should I contact?
Q. What do Infrastructure do I need if I choose online training?
Q. To whom do I contact in case of any query regarding any of the courses?

For instructor-led courses

Q. What is the appropriate arrival time at the venue?
Q. When does the course start and end?
Q. What are the prerequisites for this course?
Q. What do I expect from WayMaker Learning on the course?
Q. Are there any hidden costs I need to be aware of?
Q. What exam do I need to take?
Q. How do I get to the venue of the training?
Q. Can I have access to the instructor after the training?
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