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Amongst all the testimonies, stories and series of events that occurred in 2016, some of them were events for which I am forever grateful to God.

  • The joys of having a great team working together to build a purposeful vision that creates value and lasting impact for our customers and clients.
  • Launching WayMaker Learning Classroom courses, Free Seminars, Webinars in 2016.
  • Securing our office as a first operations base in Manchester (yes, we will have more around the globe) in a good location (learning / work environment wise)
  • Partnership and Accreditation opportunities with Global organisations to boost / enhance our portfolio and offerings
  • Kicking off WayMaker Academy where delegates are able to put their skills to test in a freelance / volunteer model as a preparation laboratory for Industry relevance.

Yes, I am counting the blessings and naming them one by one. However, I have been meditating on the WayMaker Learning journey throughout the Year 2016 and what this seasons signify for us. The keyword that has remained constant is FOUNDATIONS. I spent some time trying to understand the word and how it applies to WayMaker Learning for this season with a peep into what the Lord has in store for us in Year 2017.

Indeed my first point of call is the Bible (ever Living Word of God) and this scripture … oh this scripture hit me 🙂

For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ — 1 Corinthians 3:11

Basically 2016 is a year of foundation building and we are still in that season of building on foundations. In case you are wondering what foundations actually mean, I went bit further to search wiki for the possible meanings of “foundation”.

The first definition relates to structural building and make-up artefacts (they don’t completely align with my inclinations) but the 2nd and 3rd definitions describes underlying basis and principle on which a vision is developed; the purpose of an institution or organisation. In essence, Jesus Christ was laid as main foundation and our involvement (the work we are all doing here at WayMaker Learning) is basically building on top of that foundation which is laid brick by brick, mortar by mortar.

One very important thing to note as well is the fact that foundations are very crucial and determining factor of a building. The height of a structure will determine how deep and solid the foundation needs to be. As we move into Year 2017, we will continue to build on what we have achieved during this year and I am very confident and excited that we will surpass our very expectations and goals for the Year.

During the our first yearly retreat, the team agreed on milestones which will be our main focus for the first quarter of 2017 (January — March):

Our plan is to hit the ground running in 2017 because our customers trust WayMaker Learning brand for quality service, integrity and value. I am therefore encouraging everyone including myself to get ready for 2017 as a year of establishment, brand visibility, breaking new grounds, producing more success stories for our customers and clients. The truth is that we will have to make adjustments, where necessary as individuals and as a team to ensure we are consistently challenging ourselves and producing outstanding products and services for our customers. I am already looking forward into 2017 and made a goal list to be delivered in the new year whilst constantly challenging myself and others around me.

Lastly, as we seek newer ways of working, solutions to business challenges, I urge you to remain flexible and remain adaptable to the fast changing times we are in. It was a pleasure working with these great minds in 2016.

Happy New Year 2017 !