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Delegate Secures Business Analyst Role Within 2 Months of finishing our course

I like to share this quote from Dwayne Johnson with the delegates that attend the Business Analyst Bootcamp:

Success is not overnight; it is when everyday you get a little better than the day before. Everything adds up.

Part of my resolution this year is to consistently share success stories of my endeavours at WayMaker Learning Limited, as well as those of our friends, associates, delegates and partners. This reinforces the act of gratitude which I shared in my last post.

One of our delegates, Ade, joined WayMaker Learning’s Business Analyst Boot Camp course. He further signed up for the practical work experience at WayMaker Academy which includes mentorship .

A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work – Colin Powell

I was so excited when I got the message on Slack, our real-time communication tool, tagged “Testimony Time”. His testimony started with sharing that he had secured a Business Analyst role in less than 2 months after he took the Business Analyst Bootcamp course including practical work experience on WayMaker Academy projects.

There is an unspeakable flow of joy that rushes through my body when I receive success stories from delegates who have either attended my courses at WayMaker Learning OR signed up to my mentorship sessions at WayMaker Academy. I absolutely wanted to share it with you right here on the WayMaker Learning Limited.

Ade’s Testimonial

I asked him to write a snapshot giving us a deeper insight into his experience both as a WayMaker Learning delegate taking the course, a WayMaker Academy delegate working on real-life projects and his feelings about the outcome of it all. I have pasted his testimonial below but you can also read it on the BA course review:

I signed up for the Business Analyst Boot Camp course in Nov 2016, because I wanted to increase my Business Analysis knowledge and gain additional hands-on experience afforded by WayMaker Academy. It was a valuable experience, attending WayMaker Learning UK Classroom course and getting involved in WayMaker Academy.  The opportunities provided by WayMaker Academy to get involved in real projects using Business Analysis Methodologies and Tools relevant to a changing work environment and practice, was very fulfilling for me.

At WayMaker Academy, I also had the opportunity to attend a CV Clinic, which was helpful for reviewing my CV in preparation for an interview. Attending the Business Analyst Bootcamp has supported and sharpened my Business Analyst Skills and competencies which has now helped in securing my new role.

I want to say thanks to the Management & Leadership for your support and the opportunities made available to me through WayMaker Learning UK and WayMaker Academy.

I would recommend WayMaker Learning UK and WayMaker Academy to anyone seeking to boost their skills or career development.

Thank you very much.


Take Action

It doesn’t really matter where you are on the journey, there is a place for you at WayMaker Learning Limited.  I encourage you to signup for the next course; get hand-on at the WayMaker Academy sessions and you will celebrate within a short period.Check our upcoming seminars below to get a taster and free introduction to a number of our courses.

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