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A career in project management can be quite fulfilling and exciting. You will need to consider two fundamental realities in the business world if you decide to pursue a career in project management. The first reality is that the business world will always have ongoing projects despite the fact that every business strives for stability. While most companies strive for predictable business as usual (BAU) operations, where predictable output guides the forecasting of future revenues, they do so in a world that is in a constant flux of change –this is the second fundamental reality of today’s business environment!

Responding to change is vital for businesses to survive in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Business changes vary widely in look and feel including business system changes, hardware changes, software changes, regulatory changes, changes to respond to customer or consumer variation. The vehicle for driving and establishing change to businesses are projects. Consequently, just as change is constant, in the business world, projects will always be a constant feature, at all times and in all economies.

Projects often bring an organisation to new frontiers – the exciting part of projects! For early career project people, the buzz of being part of something new is always a bonus! The unique landscape of every new project is often like breath of fresh air to project team members and injects a new outlook to every working day. Each project brings forth new challenges and with every new conquest, comes a fresh working experience.

Early career project people often have to invest time in order to understand the project environment, the project processes, the tools used in the project, the need(s) of the stakeholders and these help build up the qualities of a project team member. Therefore, budding project managers may explore the opportunities to cut teeth in several roles including project support, project officers, project coordinators and junior project managers.

With a strong grasp of the project management environment and processes, the early career project team member can rest assured of a fulfilling career.

At WayMaker Learning UK, our aim is to provide a suitable platform for the training and upskilling of early career project managers. At WayMaker learning, we are with you all the way through your learning and development journey.


Devine Akhidime   

Business Analyst I Project Management Training Consultant, Waymaker Learning UK