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WayMaker Learning UK has partnered with a number of other companies to ensure that we bring you the best and most fruitful training we can. It is their commitment to your learning and development that underpinned our collaborative choices.

WayMaker Learning is an Oracle Primavera Silver Partner. We delivered accredited Oracle courses to ensure the optimisation of your learning and career development. Oracle Corporation is US-based, international and among the top software companies and specialises in developing and marketing, among others, database management systems.

WayMaker Learning UK has an ongoing partnership with ITPreneurs. ITPreneurs is a learning solutions provider providing effective and world-class courseware and learning support solutions in the last 15 years with over 1000+ titles and 500+ partners operating from 11 locations worldwide. As part of our commitment to deliver the best courses and unparalleled content to our customers, we have partnered with ITPreneurs so our customers can enjoy world-class service in a fast, timely and cheapest means possible.

With 4,000,000 exams delivered across 150 countries in 24 exam languages and 10,000 exam locations, PeopleCert are the perfect partner for WayMaker Learning UK, aligning with our goals to provide the best training and certifications to users across the world, from our base in the UK.

With this partnership, we have once again demonstrated our passion and determination to always bring the best service to our customers now and always. Our customers now have the chance to simply order for their globally-recognized professional certification exams along with their training courses.

As a DevOps and Agile Skills training provider, Waymaker Learning make sure that we partner with relevant third-party in particular to ensure that we are properly accredited and are aware of developments and opportunities in these disciplines. This is why we partnered with DASA.

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an open global community for DevOps and Agile Skills development. It is organized as a community-driven organization open for participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula.

DASA DevOps Agile Skills Association Partner

WayMaker Learning Limited recently partnered with VMEdu. VMEdu is a leader in the professional training and certification industry and has facilitated the training of 500,000+ students from 3500+ corporations across 150+ countries with a success rate of 98.7% through its global network of 1100+ training providers including now WayMaker Learning Limited.