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The demand and requirement for digital skills has significantly increased within the recent years according to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (July 2014); principally due to the adoption of internet technologies across every facet of human existence and activity from email, spreadsheets, presenting your business online to day-to-day social networking (Capgemini Consulting – The Digital Talent Gap). Digital skills have become a vital asset for both the employees and the employer in the pursuit of operations efficiency, and the realization of the company strategy and goals.

A gap has thereby developed between that demand and the reality of skills available. This undoubtedly offers training providers a great opportunity to meet this rapidly changing face of the market.

Cornell University defines digital literacy as the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share and create content using information technologies and the internet. That definition shows how paramount it has become in this age to acquire digital skills. The skills are varied and the business requirements prioritized the knowledge acquisition, from opening an email, to using Slack for team collaborations, tracking and managing tasks on Trello, creating and presenting your digital image using WordPress, selling your courses online, training online, touching and generating cool graphics using Canva or even developing a mobile app for your company’s website.

At WayMaker Learning UK, we are tirelessly working on keeping our own skills up to date and sharing with you the latest most demanded training around. Our offer ranges from Project Management Skills to Information Technology (IT) skills, via Business Analysis, Business Skills, Web design and a lot more. In our constant aim to have industry-standard knowledge and pass it on to you, we have found among others, relevant data from the likes of the professional network LinkedIn. According to that data from LinkedIn, these are some of the most sought after (not all) digital skills of 2017. Of course, here at WayMaker Learning, we have included some skills that can give you a pretty head start on your way to acquiring the best digital skill-set and tools.

Search Engine Optimisation or Marketing and Content Generation Skills

Without dispute, content rules the internet. Without good content, there is very little chance that a business will prevail in the digital space. Content can empower when it gives information that users look for, when it structures it in a way that makes it readable and when it is presented in a way that is both accessible and user-friendly. Users enjoy not just finding out about new information but also being given the opportunity to interact with relevant and meaningful content in form of text, images, videos and in much more sophisticated ways such as self-tests, online simulations and more. Among the works that WayMaker Learning undergoes is the development of such content in various perceptive media to allow the user to retain good information as quickly, as easily and as affordably as possible.

It is not just important to have relevant content on a website, it is also crucial for people to be able to find these meaningful content on the Internet among a huge amount of other similar data. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) both offer ways of ensuring that content you have created is not just good but can also be found intuitively and quickly using search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo. SEO takes care of your organic traffic, which is traffic that comes naturally from searches on search engines to you without you paying for it, while SEM takes care of your paid traffic.

Mobile Development

The adoption of mobile technology has surprised the industry as mobile ownership surpasses computer ownership. Shipment of mobiles phones grew by 87% year over year as compared to 3% for computers. Businesses have seen the value in the adoption of mobile technology, in particular in the growth potential and how its characteristics makes mobile the perfect fit into the daily lives and requirements of users. Ability to develop user friendly mobile apps across a variety of mobile platforms such as Google Android, Apple iOS, or Windows is an extremely sought-after digital skill for 2017.

While a number of technologies offer shortcuts to mobile development, it is the native development that offers the more flexibility, scalability and potential for the aware business. Training has widely developed offering those skills but the user must be cautious and seek to acquire skills not just to keep up with technology but to be able to fit into its rapid expansion. WayMaker Learning is making sure not just that the e-learning courses we are developing are automatically mobile-friendly just like our website, but that we offer an exemplary mobile app development course for our upcoming 2017 offering.

Network and Information Security

The internet is a huge network made up of many networks and that allows them to connect together and with each other and access information. Each network within it is only as good as its performance and its security. Any professional business would aspire to have their server, or computer that serves you information, to be as secure as possible so that their bit of the network is robust and that the information it sends to you and takes from you is as secure as possible and hidden from third parties and from vulnerabilities.

With the digital threats, viruses, spam and other attacks lurking in the digital space, Network and Information Security skills are crucial to the network. We are familiar with today’s digital space due to emerging threats to the internet networks. Relevant skills in network and information security will allow trainees to provide layers of security to ward off cyber attacks, from the application level, to system level to inter-network level.

A corporation may have its own network or operate with other similar corporations within a communal network (e.g. UK Education and Research community, .ac.uk uses the network Janet). In one case, the relevant teams are in-house and in the other the work is outsourced. Either way, the need for those skills remain critical and intricate to the good functioning of all digital operations.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most talked-about skills right now so much so that developers with skills in this field are in much higher demand than their colleagues without these skills. There were estimated 18 million cloud computing jobs in 2015 (WANTED  Analytics) and according to data provided by LinkedIn it is one of the hottest skills to get you hired in 2016.

This interest is mainly because businesses around the world are fast moving their enterprise systems into the cloud to save money on cost of deployment, infrastructure maintenance and infrastructure management skills, among others. In order to help businesses get value from their migration to the cloud, Cloud Computing professionals need to understand the several migration models that best fit the business’ needs and can provide a smooth migration without any interruption to the business.

When it comes to market share in the cloud computing industry, Amazon is leading the pack with a 31% market share followed by Microsoft 9%, IBM and SoftLayer 7%, Google 4%, SalesForce 4% according to data  from the Synergy Research Group. Professionals looking to go into the world of cloud computing need to consider market share, ease of deployment and return on investment on their training investment. Nobody wants to learn technology and gets to do nothing with it eventually.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

There are vast amounts of data being generated and exchanged over the Internet. Business are in need to extract that data (data mining) and analyse patterns in order to inform strategy, tactical choices, operational planning and customer service. Although once again there are tools for a number of the activities that are required in statistical analysis and data mining, the human factor remains a major pivotal key to this work and cannot, to-date, be automated effectively.

Businesses and governments need more information from people than they can actually provide. Businesses want to understand your preferences, where you visit, what are your hobbies, things you indulge in, and even how you make decisions, the videos you watch, tweets, Facebook posts and likes etc. This helps businesses to as well make informed decisions that best suit their customers and thereby improve on their engagement or relationship with the customers. Due to this need, businesses are falling over themselves looking for  Data Scientists who can provide relevant answers to this challenge.

Business Analysis and Project Management

In order to be relevant in 2017, it is clear that there are more than just 4-5 set of skills and relevant training that the keen professional will want to acquire in order to remain competitive. At WayMaker Learning UK, we assess a user based on what best fits into their career goals and abilities. We can then follow through from discovery to learning and into continuous career development.

Our extensive training  expertise coupled with our industry experience has taught us about the importance of business analysis and project management knowledge. These provide the solid foundations that help users analyse needs as relevant to their own personal and career objectives or their business and stakeholders requirements and expectations, as well as to manage and document any project within budget, in time and in an efficient way using best practice. These very skills are the building blocks of making the most of any of the top digital skills.

Our Business Analysis and Project Management courses (including Prince2 and Project Management in Oracle Primavera) have been rated the best by our delegates who have been taking WayMaker Learning courses since the company’s creation. Not only are they indeed highly rated, their prices are also highly slashed compared to our competitors, even though our customer service does not end after certification! And if you are not quite convinced, you can attend our free intros or tasters, delivered face-to-face or online, and that will give you an idea of what the course is about.

Prepare for the future today: Browse our courses to check our extensive offers, give us a call today or send us a note via our contact form. We are with you all the way through, from discovery, to learning to career development.